EFT payment - Direct Debit Processing Services

Easily collect payments with pre-authorized direct debit transactions.

EFT TRANSIT™, can provide you with access to the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network, a highly reliable electronic funds transfer system. At EFT TRANSIT™, direct debit collections couldn't be easier. Our web-based solution allows your organization to receive payments directly from your client´s bank account in a cost-effective manner. EFT TRANSIT™ can help you to reduce the number of late payments from your customers with direct debit transactions.

Our straightforward system provides our customers with a simple, secure and cost-effective way to set up pre-authorized direct debits. Our customers can benefit from our effective system and process direct debit payments, whether their payments are varying amounts or a regular monthly sum. Our customers are able to access all the information that they need to manage the direct debt process effectively online.

With recurring direct debit payments, you'll know exactly when you'll get paid and will be able to correctly predict your cash flow every month.

Benefits of Pre-Authorized Direct Debit Payments

  • Diversify payment options to attract more customers
  • Offer payment alternatives to customers without credit cards
  • Reduce risks associated with physical checks
  • Protect your credit rating
  • Reduce check-payment acceptance times
  • Streamline your payment processes
  • Process and manage your transactions quickly and easily
  • Access and process transactions quickly
  • Secure and cost-effective way to make and accept payments
  • Lowers administrative costs associated with payment reminders and follow-up
  • Reduces customer attrition and increases renewals through monthly payment programs
  • Store account information for recurring payments
  • And much more

Following your business' set up with our online direct debit system, it will be easy for you to begin using our service for direct debit collections and processing.

Learn more about EFT TRANSIT™ Solutions EFT & Direct Debit Services. See the system with our free interactive demo.

Want to try our Direct Debit Payment solutions with no commitment and a low transaction fee? Of course you do!

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How EFT Payment Processing Work?

With EFT TRANSIT™ you simply enter customer's payment information into our online web form application, press a button and the information is processed via the EFT Network automatically or on demand if you turn off the automatic feature. Transactions are deducted from your customer's account and deposited into your account.

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